Concerts and Lies

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

The last time I did something on a “gut feeling”, was when I decided to go with some friends to Miami to a One Direction concert where I wasn’t sure if I had a ticket or not. It turned out that they had completely lied to me, and I had a ticket they just wanted to surprise me, but they waited until we were literally parking the car to tell me that. I almost killed them both before I ever said thank you. It turned out really well though and the concert was a lot of fun even though we had awful seats, what matters is the people you are with.


Oh the Fun of Yesterday

Yesterday, myself and two of my friends/ sorority sisters went to a Jerrod Niemann Concert (country is his genre) and it was so much fun. At the end, we waited around to see if we could get a guitar pick and two out of three of us did, but it made me think, why do we all want this tiny little piece of plastic? This guitar pick only as big as a quarter, yet everyone fights over them, what is so special about it? All I can say is that those guitar picks are just like these small moments in our lives, we tend to overlook them if not presented in the right way, and afterwards they are worth that much more.

Lots of Love!


Little Moments

For me, this quote couldn’t be more true, as I sit here (I’m supposed to be studying for my test in half an hour) I am remembering yesterday. Yesterday was my sororities holiday party, there was a white elephant gift exchange followed by a gingerbread house building competition (my group built a brothel) and lots of good food. Once the scheduled activities had concluded, as per usual, the party dissolved into dancing, random dancing to random songs (not always good to either one). I was sitting on the back of the couch talking to a friend, one I now consider to be one of my best, when I fell backwards, now I was laying upside down on the couch. My friend followed suit and we spent the next several minutes lying upside down on the couch, a simple moment, but joyous none the less. Despite the fact that many more exciting things happened yesterday, this is the moment that sticks out in my mind, the one where I’m laying upside down on the couch laughing with my best friend with my sisters dancing (albeit badly) in the background. My message to you is to go forth into your day and treasure the small moments because in the end they are worth the most.

Love you all!


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Hi all, I just want to take the time to welcome you, let you know about my blog. I created this blog, on a whim, to share the small moments in my life that bring me joy. Often times in life I think we forget to appreciate these fleeting moments. Such a shame, because it is these moments that are remembered, not the larger picture, we don’t remember an entire year, we remember the small parts that made us smile or laugh or even cry. More to come later, until then accept the wisdom, and treasure the small moments that make you feel something.